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The Layered Home// n. A home demonstrating that true design develops through layers of different styles and textiles.

From small-scale staging projects to a full home re-design, The Layered Home is bringing fresh air into the decorating world of Northern Virginia. We believe that people are not one-dimensional, and their homes shouldn't be, either. Truly personal beautiful spaces (which, let's face it, are the best kind!) are created by taking the time to analyze and identify several different design styles a client feels drawn to, and layering them to create a personal space that is unique to each individual. We believe this approach sells a house FASTER, and creates a home BETTER.

TLH offers packages in staging, home consultation, and interior decorating.




Lauren Becker, CEO

Lauren is our lead decorator, stager, and owner here at The Layered Home. 

Lauren Becker always found herself drawn to the arts than to math classes, and she knew early on that as long as she was being creative in some form, she was happy. After being a music teacher in the public school system for half a decade, and then stopping to raise her babies, she entered back into the career world- this time, the world of home design and staging. And she hasn't looked back!

Because of traveling often as a child, and spending almost a decade as a military spouse, she has seen much of the country. These experiences have resulted in a design sense that combines the Northeastern tradition with the West Coast ease; a South Pacific tropic with a Southeast plaid. It is no wonder why she created a staging and design firm that is built around the layering of styles!

Lauren's touch adds a bit of eclectic individualism in all her projects, but craves a design challenge and opportunities to show off her mastery of layout, expression, and appeal. No matter what she is asked to create, each space crafted by her feels collected and special.

Life experiences have combined with Lauren's charisma, passion, and artistic talents to benefit The Layered Home. So whether you need help staging your home so that it sells quickly and for top dollar, or you need help making your house feel like HOME, Lauren is ready for you.